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Tilly x Mauser

Hornspike Duchess Dink x Bolesbrokeold Wrens Warren

August 4th 2021

This litter was carefully planned and 'Mauser' chosen as the stud dog from a long list of suiters. We loved his althetic build and strong work ethic. 

Tilly gave birth to three puppies; a red female and two black males. 

thumbnail_IMG_2124 - Copy.jpg
Tilly x Mauser 2021: Females


Red female

Mango stayed with us, please see her page for more details. 



Black male

A cheeky little boy who loved getting into mischief! 

Griffin went to live with his new owner Paul in south Shropshire, he will be a much loved pet and working wild fowl dog.



Black male

Maurice inherited the sweet nature of his mum Tilly. 

He went to live with his new owner Debbie on the south coast. He spends most of his days playing on the beach and running around with his owners horses.

Tilly x Mauser 2021: Females
Tilly x Mauser 2021: Pro Gallery
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