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Our Story

Rob and Liz welcome you to the Hornspike Kennel Website!

We are a small kennel based in Shropshire. Our dogs are foremost much loved family pets, who we occasionally have carefully planned litters of puppies from. 

Rob and Liz met in 2017 through our love of dogs! Rob had always had Labradors and enjoyed working them picking up during the gundog season, and Liz had cocker spaniels who competed in dog agility. We moved to a small holding in 2020 where our dogs have 25 acres to run and play in! We have long walks from the doorstep and also ensure our dogs have the best quality of life. In 2022 we welcomed out baby boy 'Oliver' into the world who we are currently training to be as dog mad as we are!

Rob first got Molly from 'Mordor' gundogs in Scotland and since kept 'Tilly and Isla' from her first litter. Tilly and Isla make a formidable working pair. When Tilly gave birth to her first litter we couldn't resist keeping Hornspike kennel's first bred red lab 'Mango'! Molly is now retired from training but Rob spends his free time training or working Tilly, Isla and Mango. They attend a large pheasant shoot in North wales during the shooting season, where the terrin is tough and the dogs have to be strong. 

Liz has had dogs all her life, but got her first spaniel 'Skye' from a breeder in Devon and was instantly hooked on cockers! Skye has very successfully competed in agility reaching championship level very quickly. Nala has since joined the family and has started her agility training. Liz spends most weekends competing in agility all over the country. Skye and Nala also do some beating and picking up in North Wales during the shooting season. 

Both of us now enjoy agility and gundog work, as do all the dogs! We like multiple purpose dogs that are able to adapt to the job asked of them. When breeding litters we aim to produce dogs that can succeed in both agility and gundog work. We ensure that we keep temperaments as such that our puppies would also excel as active pets and companions, although preference would always be given to homes that have a 'job' for the dog to do. 

Any prospective owner of one of our puppies will be fully quizzed and vetted! We only allow our babies to go to excellent homes. We keep in touch with any puppies we home and love to hear about how they are doing. 

If you are interested in a puppy from one of our Labrador or Cocker spaniel litters, please check the 'future litter' page. When contacting us please provide as much information about yourself and the home you can offer as possible

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