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Hornspike Duchess Dink

5th May 2017

Hips 6:6

Elbow 0:0

BVA eye scheme: normal

DNA clear for : CNM, DM, HUU, HNPK, PRA-PRCD, SD2

EIC carrier

Beautiful little Tilly has the sweetest temperament. She's a lovely pet, as well as a strong working dog. 

Tilly spends several days a week picking up on a large pheasant shoot during the season.

We had a litter from Tilly in 2021. She was mated to 'Mauser' and produced three puppies. We kept 'Mango' from this litter. 

We have a litter planned from Tilly for Autumn 2022. 

Tilly: Females
Tilly: Pro Gallery
Tilly: Video
Tilly: Video
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