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Kentwone the Brave One at Hornspike

22nd May 2021

Weight; 9kg

Height; 35cm 

Agility grade 2

Agility height; Small

Health tests;

BVA eye and Gonioscopy normal

DNA (AMS, FN, DM, EIC, PRA and AON) clear 

Hips 3/3

Elbows 0/0

Patellas 0/0

Nala is our little red devil! Full of personality and with the kindest temperament.

Nala is a petite and athletic cocker spaniel.

She will start competing in agility in autumn 2022, she is already proving to be easy to train and fast! She has a strong hunting drive and continues her gundog training. 

We plan to breed from Nala in summer 2023 pending health testing. 

Nala: Males
Nala: Pro Gallery
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